Health and Safety, Environment

J.R. Mécanique has adopted a risk management approach which minimizes our impact on the environment while protecting the health and safety of employees, partners, and clients.


  • All incidents and accidents can be prevented.
  • Employees remain employed at J.R. Mécanique under the condition that all their work must be carried out in a safe and environmentally respectful manner.
  • Incident prevention and environmental impacts are regarded as healthy commercial practices.
  • Employers, employees and clients are equally responsible for respecting the laws, codes, regulations, and copy richard mille rm 11 03 procedures pertinent to not only their own personal safety, but the safety of others.

Health and safety

J.R. Mécanique’s health and safety policy respects the standards established by the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST). Furthermore, all employees receive regular training to remain up-to-date on the strict security measures required for the various procedures pop over to these guys and contracts executed by the company.

Since 1999, J.R. Mécanique has been certified by the CNESST as one of the top 20 companies in Quebec in terms of workplace health and safety; its accident rate has remained inferior to that of comparable businesses in the industry.

The following procedures and trainings have been developed and implemented to help avoid accidents:

  • Workplace safety
  • Training sessions covering: forklift and cherry picker operation, CPR, enclosed work spaces, etc.
  • Work instructions
  • Appropriate work wear
  • Ergonomic solutions


J.R. Mécanique meets established standards for maintaining a positive impact on the environment. Management ensures that employees:

  • Possess the adequate skills and information required to manage their responsibilities in terms of our environmental plan.
  • Are aware of the risks associated with the tasks at hand.
  • Are aware of the standards and techniques required to execute their work in a manner that is both safe and respectful of the environment.