Due in part to our 25 year presence in the Montérégie and the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau regions coupled with our vast expertise acquired from an array of projects, J.R. Mécanique is well-equipped to respond to a variety of client requests.

J.R. Mécanique can work according to plans and estimates provided by the client, but can also propose an integrated, turnkey solution that will minimize engineering and management costs as well as execution time.

Entrusting your projects to J.R. Mécanique is to ensure they will be carried out by a qualified team of professionals.


J.R. Mécanique offers work preparation and planning, coordination and general supervision services for industrial mechanics projects. J.R. Mécanique can also manage and supervise work performed by sub-contractors.


J.R Mécanique installs and maintains:

• Pipe networks: steel and stainless steel, exotic metals, fibreglass, and PVC;
• Steel, stainless steel, and FRP-PVC tanks;
• Steel structures and frames;
• Chimneys, conveyers, pumps, filter press, band filters, induction furnaces, natural gas furnaces, dust collectors, ventilators, air or gas compressors;
• Network solutions for chemicals and chemical sludge, electrolyte, acid, natural gas, oxygen, propane, inert gas, compressed air, etc.


The team of technical drawers use CAD software to develop and update plans and REBIS software to make site surveys. They also follow-up with parts throughout the fabrication process in order to minimize expected project execution delays in the workshop and in the field.